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Stainless Steel Sink Table

Our stainless steel sink table include a deep sink in a stainless steel table that may be used for food preparation or cleaning equipment. Sink tables can be customized by adding pre-drilled faucet holes, rear and side splash guards, a soap dispenser holder, a paper towel holder, shelving, and other features to create the sink table of your dreams. These stainless steel sink table, made of high grade stainless steel with fully seal welds, satisfy all sanitary design criteria for usage in a food processing facility and are sturdy enough to endure the harshest environments. Sink table and worktable surfaces are made of stainless or acid-proof steel depending on their intended purpose. Our commercial sinks have been specifically built for professional use and are resistant to hard use and easy to clean. Shop iFresh for a complete selection of commercial stainless steel tables with sink and get the ideal stainless steel tables with sink for your restaurants or foodservice establishment.

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