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Spiral kneading machines are often used in bakeries and pastry businesses to save kneading time. It is possible to make a very small amount of dough. This also results in a more homogeneous dough mixture and a larger volume of bread. Our spiral mixer is ideal for bakeries, hotels, restaurants, food service enterprises, and other industrial manufacturing facilities. If you are on the lookout for a spiral mixer machine supplier in Malaysia, you have come to the right place. Our spiral mixer is is meant to cater for  businesses of all sizes.  We, as a spiral mixer machine supplier provide an easy-to-use, high-quality Spiral Mixer with a sleek and refined stainless steel jar. A kneading bar in the center of this bowl facilitates the good mixing of these food ingredients. The control panel's easily accessible timers and push buttons making it a simple bakery machine to operate.


  • MODEL: FM50

    POWER: 3.3kW / 415V / 50Hz

    FLOUR: 5-30 kg

    MAX DOUGH: 50 kg

    BOWL: 75L

    SPEED: 132/265 rpm

    WEIGHT: 285 kg

    DIM: 95 x 62 x 127 cm


    MODEL: FM80

    POWER: 5.75kW / 415V / 50Hz

    FLOUR: 8-50 kg

    MAX DOUGH: 80 kg

    BOWL: 134L

    SPEED: 123/225 rpm

    WEIGHT: 460 kg

    DIM: 121 x 74 x 143 cm

  • 6 MONTHS

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